Saturday, June 27, 2009

OMAC: One Man Art Course

Many artists are either embarassed or ashamed of work done early in their careers. I understand but don't agree with that sentiment. If you did the best you could then why be ashamed ? You can look back at old work and see how far you've progressed but there's no need for shame. I'm not a professional artist. I'm just another amateur. But my passion for learning how to think and draw better animates me. I have the mindset of an eternal student. Even if tomorrow I became a pro( I define "pro" as this is what you do as a career) I'd still be a student. I'm constantly studying and I always will be. It's been said that every artist has at least ten thousand bad drawings he has to do before getting to the good stuff. I've exceeded that quota by a mile but I've seen some small progress along the way.

You can read every "how to" book, watch every video, tape and dvd, talk to professional artists, read every artist's blog and interview but the absolute best way to learn how to draw comic books is BY DRAWING COMIC BOOK PAGES. Filling your sketchbooks with designs and concepts is fine but until you draw pages, you're not creating a comic book. With that in mind here are some pages that ended up on the "cutting room floor". And while these pages are deeply flawed I'm not ashamed of them because when I did them that was the best I was capable of.