Monday, May 23, 2011


Wrestler Zero used to wrestle humans. Now he wrestles against agents of darkness than neither science nor religion can explain. I wrestle against my own limitations as a comics creator. I wrestle with being torn between different influences that guide me and the second guessing that keeps me from producing more material. I wrestle with the gulf between dreams and day to day life. I wrestle with the impulse to dream big and the desire to "keep it real". What I don't wrestle with is my desire to improve my work. I'm not in this for fame or fortune. Fame I don't need or want. Fortune would be nice though. Fulfillment is what I want. How I get there is through desire and hard work. If it came easy to me it perhaps wouldn't be worth doing. I've met many artists over the years. Some were pros but the bulk of them were amateurs like me. I consider virtually all of them to be more talented than me. Some could draw effortlessly things that would push me to my limits and beyond. Only one of them ever became a professional and as far as I know his career was short lived. It's both inspiring and sobering that Gil Kane, one of the greats, struggled to improve his craft until his death. If I could draw half as well as he could I'd quit my day job tommorow. Perhaps one day. But for now the wrestling match against my limitations continues.