Saturday, June 12, 2010

The last word on the last page or how I phoned it in.

This is the published last page from WRESTLER ZERO #1. (see previous posts for the first two versions) I'm still without a scanner so I used my camera phone to bring this image to you. I wanted the last page to be a strong image and one that re established the status quo of the character. I'm not a huge fan of my own work. I have to maintain a student's mindset and a critical distance from my artwork or I won't grow. Once in a great while I'm somewhat pleased by what I produce and this page represents one of those rare instances. Besides, at the Boston Comic Con Mike Lilly and Scott Cohn both liked this page and when you consider what excellent artists they are, well, that felt good.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Picturing it.

It's been far too long since my last post. I have my PC back, although with so many new parts it's practically a new computer, but I don't have a scanner at the moment. The above image from the second issue of WRESTLER ZERO and was taken with my camera's phone. I'm pencilling more tightly so as to reduce guesswork during inking but allowing for some creativity as well.