Monday, December 16, 2013

Wrestler Zero versus The Human Bats.

A pin up on 11 x 14 Bristol board. Inked with a Pentel brush pen, dry brush and Micron Pigma pens.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

The ongoing saga of Wrestler Zero number three

I managed to finish Wrestler Zero number three in time for the 2013 RI Comic Con but not in time to actually print it. I was terribly disappointed in myself and still am but it turned out to be a good thing. The climax was rushed and the opening was too truncated. This is the result of rushing the work and not budgeting my time correctly. I'm reworking the climax of the story and expanding the opening as well. The result will be a better reading experience for you and a less cringe inducing memory for me.  Above are two pages that I am keeping in the finished version since they occur storywise in the first third of the comic.


Hello everyone. It's been far too long since I published a new post.  I have my reasons but reasons aren't excuses. 2013 has been a very challenging and instructive year to say the very least.  I've posted both the pencils and the finished piece so you can see some of my process and choices.  The character is "The Hammer" created by Kelley Jones to whom all rights are reserved and respected. I ran this piece by Kelley and he graciously gave his blessing for me to publish it here and on my other social media sites such as FB and DeviantArt.  I very rarely draw any established characters. I honestly don't know what I could say with well known characters than hasn't already been said by a legion of far more talented folks than myself.  However, I did enjoy drawing "The Hammer".