Saturday, November 14, 2009

Something old.

A lot of professional artists seem to be embarassed by their early published work. Although I can understand the desire to be judged by your most current work, why be embarassed at what came before?

If you're giving your artwork your best effort you have no reason to be embarassed. With that in mind I present the following two pages. I found these on an unmarked disk but I thought I'd share them with you:

I wrote/drew these pages a little over three years ago. I'd approach them differently now but the basic ideas are still sound. In the first page I'd definitely make Wrestler Zero's figure more supple and in the second I'd make it clearer that the wrestling ring is in a cemetery and needless to say the artwork would be better.

But there's no shame in the game here. At the time this was the best I could do. Study the work of your favorite artists and you'll see an evolution from their beginnings to the point where you first encountered their work.

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