Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weather, comic book shops and a free comic book.

The summer season is officially over. The weather doesn't turn on a dime but already the air is cooler and the nights have me reaching for the comforters I'd all but abandoned since the end of spring. Autumn will soon be here and it's my favorite time of year. It's neither hot nor cold but a transition from one season to the next while retaining elements of the past and hints of what's to come.
What does any of that have to do with the image above? Nothing at all.
The above image is a panel from the in the works second issue of WRESTLER ZERO. In an earlier entry I said that I would let you know how you could obtain a free copy of WRESTLER ZERO #1. Drop me a line at and I'll let you know the details. I can only offer one copy per customer but I'm paying for the postage.
If you happen to be a customer of Million Year Picnic in Cambridge, MA, That's Entertainment in Worcester, MA or Friendly Neighborhood Comics in Bellingham, MA these stores are selling WRESTLER ZERO #1. A big thanks to all of them for giving my little comic space on their shelves. All three of these shops have a great variety of comics and related materials and are staffed by some pretty cool people.
Take care and I'll see you soon.

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