Sunday, November 6, 2011

High School Hero.

The character depicted above was created in High School. His name is SkyStriker and he was part of a team of superheroes. Like most teenage comic fans who aspired to become comic book creators my best friend and I created our own comics on copy paper we "acquired" from our school. I've no idea what became of those copy paper comics but I remember them fondly. We gave it our best and we didn't let a lack of skill or guidance hinder us. I still recall going to the Seuling Cons in NYC and showing our comics to the established pros there. Considering how crude our product was the pros were very nice to my buddy and I. Perhaps we reminded them of their youth. My friend Dave moved on to electronics after High School and my life took it's own twists and turns but here I am still creating comics and hoping for a better tomorrow. Dave is still one of my dearest friends and has been incredibly supportive all these years. If I ever get to be on the other side of the table he'll be right there with me. Just like the old days...

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