Monday, December 17, 2012


Hello everyone. I'm starting the third issue of Wrestler Zero with a recap of events from my recently published second issue called "Wrestler Zero Must Die".  I'm opening the in the works issue with a recap for three important and inter-related reasons: it's good storytelling which is the goal of comic book creation, it provides an "action opener" and it allows me to provide myself and the readers a fresh look at previous events. Because I self publish a mini-comic I don't have widespread distribution other than my convincing store managers to stock the book in their small press/mini comics section. So recapping previous stories is important for new and returning readers.  On the technical side of things I did my poor man's impression of Reed Crandall style pen and ink in the second panel using crow quill and my trusty Micron and Pitt pens and a bit of brush.

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