Monday, July 22, 2013

Learning how to draw my own character.

I'm always trying to improve my art while trying to get out of my own way at the same time. The above drawing is an example of me actually getting out of my way and of perhaps learning to see better which is a key to better drawing.  I'm getting older and part of me worries that all of the things I love, and that inform my work, are now seen as "old school" and suitable only for nostalgic aging fanboys.  Perhaps it's just me projecting my fears and insecurities onto the world or maybe I'm right. I can relate to the song by St. Vitus "Born Too Late".  All I can do is be me and stay true to my convictions. The above drawing is the closest I've ever come to depicting Wrestler Zero as I see him in my mind's eye. It's not the bodybuilder physique you'd find in a mainstream comic( I'm not knocking it, there are a lot of great talents out there) it's a wrestler's physique.  It has it's roots in Lucha Libre and old school American Pro Wrestling as well. There's an echo of that aesthetic in Tom Hardy's Bane.  So there it is.

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